Week 4 – Activity 12: Choosing and evaluating a specific technology

Timing: 10 hours


Imagine that your management team wants to use elearning to support a particular project. They have already drawn up a shortlist of innovative technologies that may address their requirements. They would now like your team to present your views about the suitability of one of these technologies.

Part 1

  1. As a group, you need to decide on the context and the goal you want the technology to support, and suggest items for the management team’s shortlist.
  2. Each member of the group should choose a technology from the shortlist from point (1) and post the reasons for their choice to the tutor group forum.
  3. Nominate a group member to collate the suggestions from point (2) in doodle.com.
  4. Review all the suggested technologies and why they are being suggested. Then each member of the group should vote for their preferred technology in doodle.com.

Part 2

Having chosen a technology to evaluate for the management team, discuss what sorts of evidence to collect about that technology. You will need to think about what tests and/or observations will help to justify your choice of technology. Price and Kirkwood’s (2011) full report to the Higher Education Academy contains references that may help you with this task.

  • Produce a joint document with your findings once you have collected all the evidence.
  • Ask your tutor to comment on the group’s report.
  • Once you have received your tutor’s feedback make the document available to the whole cohort.
  • Note any similarities and differences between the individual reports. What lessons have you learned about evaluating innovation?


Link to Google Document – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kd7ZzoqN-tRu-AS_Mh-WVPF6T-InJ3m1TcdhqEymS5I/edit?usp=sharing 


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