Week 21 – Activity 6: Learning analytics sources

Timing: 2 hours

  • Identify three people in your context, or in a context you know well, who may need to know more about learning analytics in the near future. Try to select people with different roles and different levels of expertise. For each person, make a note of areas of the websites listed below that you would recommend to them, and any resources or events that would help their understanding.
    • SoLAR: The Society for Learning Analytics Research is responsible for many of the key initiatives in this field, including events, conferences and a journal. More general and good place to start for those interested in learning analytics. Holds conferences and has an open access journel. Siemens as a founding member, would this influence or promote a certain pedagogical approach?
    • LACE: The Learning Analytics Community Exchange built links between researchers and practitioners across Europe and beyond. Quite a broad focus across the EU. Focuses somewhat on edm as well. Holds conferences. Supports first time commercial and open source programme development. 
    • IEDMS: The International Educational Data Mining Society supports collaboration and scientific development in the field of data mining. More for the technical minded people, such as database mangers and programmers interested more in the statistical and technical side of learning analytics. 

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