Week 25 – Activity 22: Developing a vision of learning analytics

Timing: 1 hour

  • Return to read Table 4 of the paper below. This identifies goals of learning analytics in general and also from the perspectives of learners and educators.
  • Goals and visions are not the same thing, and some of these goals are too mundane or too succinct to be inspiring. In a blog post, or in your learning journal, combine or develop some of these goals to construct a vision of what learning analytics could be at your institution or at one you know well. Aim for a vision statement that is no longer than two sentences.
  • Once you have constructed a vision, note whether it seems to be a learner’s vision, an educator’s vision, a manager’s vision or a combination of these. How would it need to change, if at all, to inspire other stakeholder groups?


The aim of LA at my institution is to:

Provide both students and educators with a means to monitor their individual progress as it relates to a group, with a key focus on identifying actionable insights into ways to improve their work. These LA insights will aim to bring students and educators closer together, as mutual understandings develop relating to work progress and desired results. 


This above statement appears to be more of a mangers vision to a team. However, as it encompasses students and educators as the key stokeholds, it is felt to be fairly inclusive.


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