Category: Optional

Week 14 to 15 – Activity 8: Reflection

Timing: 1 hour (optional)

  • Reflect on:
    1. Your contribution to the group effort of articulating the context.
    2. What you found challenging in this process.
    3. What you have learned from it.

You may add this to your learning journal if you wish.


Week 13 – Activity 25: Reflecting on openness

Note: Due to this being a ’rounding off’ activity, coinciding with TMA02, it was suggested to focus on TMA02 if time is limited.

Timing: about 3–4 hours

In this activity you will create a video and share it via your blog, using YouTube, Vimeo or other video-sharing sites. If you prefer not to create a video then you can use another tool or medium of your choice, but avoid just plain text in this instance if possible.

In your video reflect on what you have learned in this block, covering one of the following elements:

  • What aspect of openness in education interests you most (and why)?
  • What the future direction of open education will be in your opinion, justifying your answer.

Post your video to your blog.

Completed badge icon
Badge: Completing this activity will make you eligible for the Open Education completed badge, as explained in Week 7. You will need to blog your solution to this activity, and then send an email to, providing a link to your blog post. As explained in Week 7, you will need to register on the Credly system to gain your badge. Acquiring the badge is entirely optional.