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Selecting a project for Block 3 – Activity 1: Selecting a project

Timing: 20–30 minutes

We offer you a choice of five possible projects.

  1. A game to teach a particular subject in mathematicsChoose an age group and an institutional setting, and a subject in mathematics which that group finds challenging. Design a game or a game-based experience for teaching this topic to this group. See http://lp.noe-kaleidoscope.org/ for examples.
  2. Exploring local history using mobile and/or social technologyChoose a local site, and a topic based on the history of that site. Choose a target audience (school groups/weekend visitors/university students). Design an activity to engage the target audience with the selected topic using mobile and/or social technology.
  3. Assessment of multi-media artefacts in a design-based courseThink of a course where students learn by designing objects or activities, and representing these as multi-media artefacts. How do you incorporate effective assessment into the course?
  4. Using digital diaries to support reflective practice in professional developmentConsider a vocational training scenario, which involves a placement or an on-the-job element. How can you use digital diaries to promote reflective practice in support of learning?
  5. Using digital storytelling to explore social/cultural/ethical dilemmasChoose either a professional domain, or a school subject, where learners need to develop their awareness of social, cultural or ethical issues and make informed and considered judgements. Can digital storytelling provide an effective educational tool?

Your tutor will send you instructions on how to note your preferences. Please respond to this request promptly so that your tutor can assign you to a project group.