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Week 12 – Activity 23: Review of web literacies

Timing: 2 hours

The Mozilla Foundation has created a ‘web literacy map’, which breaks literacies into three main areas:

  • building (writing)
  • connecting (participating)
  • exploring (reading)

It defines web literacies as ‘the skills and competencies needed for reading, writing and participating on the web’. These therefore have considerable overlap with the types of skill open learners might need to develop.

  • Look at the web literacy map (new version)and consider your own skills and competencies under each of the headings they provide.
  • Was this a useful exercise? Did you feel that the literacies listed matched what you need to do in your study or work?



Literacies (as defined from the chart on the site) My skill
Navigate Generally good understanding of the navigation principles of the web. This including SEO and other ways the web is ‘connected’.
Search On standard search engines I have some advanced skills. For specific search engines I am confident I could apply some of the principles to develop my skill.
Connect Have done so in previous projects. This is a challenging task as it has to do with understanding others and connecting/juxtaposing their thoughts with the manner in which you set out your own work online. A challenge for me in doing such (e.g. asking for research help through Facebook) has been in defining what it is I need, and investigating responses to look for connections to what my research needs (for both supportive or contradicting views).
Protect  Can you ever be 100% safe online? Likely not. I am generally aware of privacy concerns, but admittedly fail to implement these on any grad scale. This is due to difficulties in limited my use of key web services such as Google apps. This sheds some light on the challenges of implementing such technologies in the classroom, as we are effectively somewhat forcing students to give away some of their privacy.
Open practice  I have used an open CC license on my previous blog, and run a website that is under CC license.
Contribute  I have not achieved this in an open sense, but have so through the OU. Possibly my joining of casual social groups on Facebook such as for political ideology discussion count towards such contribution.
Share  My photos and some all work through Open South Africa is is shareable and allows for contribution.
Design  I do not have experience in this area. Possibly I could stretch this to include the creation of teaching materials from open access repositories.
Code  I have completed some basic level Java programming and have an understanding of HTML, CSS, Python, and possibly others.
Compose  I have fair bit of experience in this area, from creating content for university and professional means.
Revise  I have little experience in this area. I would be interested in unmaking a project with such aims.
Remix Same as above.
Evaluate  I feel I have lots of experience through researching for assignments and work.
Synthesize  This is a critical skill for researching through journals and other academic information online for assignments.

Did you feel that the web literacies matched what you need to do in your study and work? (was something missing?)

I would add the ability to explain online content as another literacy. This is particular to a teacher’s context. It involves taking a skill or set of information found online, and relaying it competently to a live audience of different ages. I find this to be something I do quite frequently at work, and has taken some practice to steadily improve the angles, difficulty, word changes, practical application examples, and more, needed to convey understanding to a class.