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Week 14 to 15 – Activity 2: My vision

Timing: 3 hours

  • Post a short entry to the team forum, introducing yourself and describing your aspirations for the project. Include the following elements:
    • any relevant experience you are comfortable to share (e.g. experience of working in online groups; experience of Learning Design, etc.)
    • your professional background and current role
    • a description of the context in which you operate (material settings, social and organisational structures, key concerns and objectives)
    • why you found the project interesting
    • how this project maps to the context you described.
  • Comment on your team mates’ posts, noting similarities and discrepancies between their vision and yours.
  • Continue the discussion until the group identifies a shared project definition that you can all commit to.
  • Suggest how the team should be organised based on your own experience, and how you might implement the guidelines given earlier.
  • Identify any practical problems that may arise during the online project and propose possible solutions.
  • Agree your team’s working standards – what is expected of everyone.
Hi all, first a quick into for for Act. 2:
I work in language education in Japan. I don’t have much work experience with mobile technologies per se, but am well versed with social tech. In my work, in addition to teaching itself, I have been responsible for database management, dealing with creating automated translation systems for student evaluations, and general course design.
In relation to our project, one of the frequent challenges I face at work is providing context to learners. We have many professionals in this area who work for Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi, who will find themselves having to travel for meetings or getting transferred to overseas posts. This makes teaching context quite important (in addition to language), and  am often looking to social/web tools to enhance this aspect of my classes.
Regarding Catherine’s idea. I think you’ve come up with a really good suggestion. Given our different locations I am fairly confident a concession could be made regarding the complexities (if not impossibility) of finding a ‘local site’. For me personally, living in Nagoya is plenty of aviation history here. Mitsubishi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, who both have a strong presence in Nagoya, I believe had quite some involvement in WW2 jets (linked to the museum you posted above).
Should we open this idea up to voting?


Here’s an example of what a ‘vision’ post might look like:

‘Hi, I’m Jeff Tracy.

In my department we work with experienced pilots all over the world, making sure that their skills are up to date and that they are aware of and comply with aviation regulations as these evolve. We have a team of about 50 trainers, learning designers, technicians and assessment experts.

Most of our work is done at the company’s training centre, but getting pilots out of their planes and over to the centre is expensive, so we’re moving more and more towards online and distance training.

I chose the project ‘Collaborative learning of technical skills through social media’ because I’m interested in socio-cultural learning theory, and how it unfolds in new media. In my context, I would like to explore the potential of using social media to help pilots come up to speed on new systems as these get deployed. One of our challenges here is legal – we want learners to be comfortable in sharing their doubts and confusion, but are worried about the consequences of these going on record in case of unfortunate events.

I have taken part in many projects and I am convinced that good communication is essential, as well as being willing to compromise and accept the team’s view even when it is different from my own.’