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Week 14 to 15 – Activity 4: Set up your team website

Timing: 3 hours

If you encounter any difficulties with this activity please consult our guide to OU Google Apps.

Tip: Always make sure you have logged in to OU Google Apps via your StudentHome page before trying to access any of the links to Sites or Docs.

  • Create the site: Team leader – visit the ‘Create site page’ (where the Learning Design Project site template will be pre-selected for you), provide a name for your site and click ‘Create’. It may take a few minutes for the system to generate your site, so don’t worry. You should bookmark your site, but you should always be able to find it in the ‘Sites’ area.
  • Share with team members: Team leader – share the site with all team members by clicking the ‘Share’ button and listing all team members as owners. You will need your team members’ OU computer user name for this (i.e. OUCU@my.open.ac.uk) – use the tutor group forum to ask them for this information. Advice on how to share sites is available in our guide to OU Google Apps.Send the link to the project site to your team mates and invite them to create their individual team pages in the ‘About’ section.
  • Populate: Each team member should create a team member page, where you present yourself and your vision for the project. Click ‘About’ and then ‘Team’. Follow the instructions there to create your page.
    • Team leader: Edit the front page of your site (the ‘Welcome’ page) and provide a brief description of your team’s intentions, based on your understanding of the discussion on the tutor group forum. Briefly note the aims of the project and its target audience. This page will be the first view of your project that other students of the module will see. Send a message to the tutor group forum, notifying your team members that a draft of the front page is available.
    • Team members: Review the text that your team leader has placed on the front page and edit it if you find that necessary. Use the team forum to discuss any points you are uncertain about.
  • Open up: Team leader – after the team has reached a consensus regarding the content of the front page, click the ‘Share’ button at the top right of the screen. Change the visibility setting from ‘Private’ to ‘People at The Open University with the link’.
  • Share with the H817 community: Team leader – post the web address of your project website in the tutor group forum. Ask your tutor to make the other teams aware of the website’s location, and set up a discussion thread for other teams to offer feedback to your team.
  • Review: Each team member should review the sites of other teams. The Learning Design Studio approach is based on sharing your work with the other teams so that there is a plentiful supply of feedback to help you improve your design. It is therefore important both to offer feedback to your colleagues and to welcome other people’s comments.


Done by Katherine. Available here: https://sites.google.com/a/my.open.ac.uk/the-h817-16b-local-historians/