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Week 14 to 15 – Activity 6: Listing factors and concerns

Timing: 2 hours

Tip: Check you are logged in to OU Google Apps before trying to access any of the links to Sites or Docs.

Team leader

Team members

  • Revisit the persona page you created earlier and list all the factors and concerns that are relevant to your personas.
  • Then edit the team’s shared ‘Factors and concerns’ document by listing any factors and concerns you have identified that have not already been listed by others, and add your initials next to them. Your team mates may have come up with similar factors and concerns from their personas. If you notice that others have already listed any factors and concerns that appear on your list, add your initials next to them.
  • Visit other teams’ websites and consider their lists of factors and concerns. Offer feedback through the other teams’ discussion forums and reflect on any feedback you receive from other teams.