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Week 14 to 15 – Activity 7: List the forces

Timing: 2 hours

Tip: Check you are logged in to OU Google Apps before trying to access any of the links to Sites or Docs.

  • Use either of the following templates to create a system of forces document:
  • Review the factors and concerns listed in the team’s shared document, and select the key forces that define the design space.
  • List these forces in your system of forces document. Give each force a number or identifier, and (optionally) an icon.
  • Use your team forum, or schedule a live, online session (using OU Live, Skype or Google Hangouts) to discuss and compare your lists of forces.
  • Create sub-pages for the team members’ documents, and include a summary of the discussion in the context page.
  • Visit other teams’ websites and consider their lists of forces. Offer feedback through the other teams’ discussion forums and reflect on any feedback you receive from other teams.