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Week 14 to 15 – Activity 9: Agreeing on the challenge

Timing: 3–5 hours

  • Post a message to your team forum, proposing a definition of the design challenge of your project. Phrase your proposal in terms of the concerns it addresses and the tensions it needs to resolve between forces.
  • Review and respond to the proposals offered by your team mates.

Team leader

  • Use a shared document, and synthesise the proposals of your team members, to suggest a common definition of your design challenge.
  • Use the forum or schedule a live, online session to discuss this definition.
  • Once a consensus is reached, post it to the ‘Challenge’ page of your website.
  • Embed the web address of the ‘Background’ page of your project site into the discussion thread in the tutor group forum. Invite other teams to visit your site, and send a message to your tutor group forum to inform other students that you have done so.

Team members

  • Visit other teams’ websites to review their context and challenge pages. Leave your comments in their discussion threads in the forum.
  • Respond to any comments on your own team’s discussion thread.