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Week 1 – Activity 2: How to document reflection

Timing: 2 hours

  • Read Michaud’s models of reflection, in particular the Gibbs Cycle of Reflection.
  • Think about how the Gibbs Cycle of Reflection could be useful when writing the reflective parts of your TMAs, as outlined in the Assignment Guide.
  • Post a comment summarising your findings to the relevant discussion thread in your tutor group forum. Your post should be between 150 and 200 words in length and include your ideas about how you will record reflective practice in your journal.




Two things stood out to me in the article and Gibbs’ Cycle of Reflection. Firstly, in one of my first OU modules we were encouraged to use a blog. Not with any specific emphasis on reflection, but rather to become familiar with blogging itself, as well as visiting and commenting on other’s posts. I quickly found myself keeping my blogging activities rather private, as I started to write more and more ‘personal takes’ on tasks. Reading through the Cycle of Reflection, the idea of sharing your feelings and what was good or bad about the experience (activity), stood out as something I had begun doing over the years, although with next to no structure in doing so.

Secondly, linking to the analysis, conclusion, and action plan parts to “help make sense of the situation” stood out for me. With almost every task, including this one, I first write my response in a blog, often including additional notes and ideas. In addition to editing what I write before posting on the forums, this process has become somewhat of a barometer to measure my understanding of a task. If the thoughts and answers come quickly, what did I do this time that was different? Likewise, if I am finding it challenging to remember the reading, or a particular concept we should be discussing, did something change in my personal approach to this activity? 

Going forward, I would like to keep the six points as a starting point before answering each activity, and try to blend it in with my current slightly haphazard approach. Hopefully jotting down more reflection in a set sequence will help boost my recollection when coming to TMA’s and definitely the EMA, as well as the ability to compare and contrast how I approached each task and what tends to work best for me.