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Week 22 – Activity 11: Learning analytics and learning design

Timing: 2 hours

  • Begin by reading:
  • The authors identify two broad types of analytic – checkpoint analytics and process analytics. Make notes in your learning journal or blog about these types of analytic and when they can be applied.
  • Consider whether these classifications are more useful than the ones you have considered at other points this week.


What are checkpoint analytics:

A “snapshot of data that indicate a student has met the prerequisites for leaning by accessing the relevant resources of the learning design.”

“Its value lies in providing teachers with broad insight into whether or not students have access prerequisites for learning and /or are progressing through the planned learning sequences (akin to attendance in face-to-face class.)”

When can they be applied:

Log-ins into the online course site, downloads of a file for reading, or signing up to a group for a collaborative assignment.

(pg. 1448)

What are process analytics:

“These data and analysis provide direct insight into learner information processing and knowledge application…within the tasks that the student completes as part of a learning design.”

When can they be applied:

“…social network analysis of student discussion activity on a discussion task” which could identify “level of engagement on a topic, his or her established peer relationships, and therefore potential support structures.”

(pg. 1448)

*Are these classifications more useful than the ones you have considered at other points this week:*

They could work in collaboration with the other categories (Educators are suppose to; Students are suppose to; Uncovering unknowns; Potentially highly subjective) to provide a matrix of understanding LA locations/uses/intentions.