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Week 3 – Activity 10: Investigating a learning theory

Timing: 10 hours

  • In your team divide the work among yourselves and start to find:
    • The main proponents for each theoretical position
    • A summary of the strengths of each theory
    • A summary of the limitations of each theory; i.e. what a theory does and does not account for
    • What useful predictions or implications the theory makes
  • Your tutor will set up a wiki for your team. Use it to work together on a document that you will post to your tutor group to inform your colleagues about the theory you have researched.
  • Read each group’s account of the theory they researched.
  • After your group discussions on all three theories, create and complete a table like the one below.
Behaviourism Cognitivism Constructivism
How do they assist the understanding of elearning?
  • Post the table so it can be viewed by your tutor group and record it in your learning journal/blog.


Link to Wiki.