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Week 7 – Activity 1: Set up technology

Instructions here.


I have had a few experiences with OER, and looked into them further for a previous OU project where I created a website looking into OER’s in South Africa. This was on top of having completed previous activities designed by Martin Weller and completing TMA’s on OER during the H818 course.

I haven’t completed a typical MOOC (i.e. Coursera), though I have been learning Java programming through other open means by using a site where anyone can create a course and share it for others. In general I have an interest in using OER’s in developing countries over digital means such as mobile phones, and have thus followed developments in South Africa (projects such as TESSA and Siyavula).

I have found the ‘world of OER’ to often be quite chaotic, with a lack of overall structure in the sharing of such resources. One interesting development of late to try and provide some order is the Amazon Inspire project aiming at school-level material sharing. However, contrary to this, I do wonder if the whole concept that OER’s need to be tied into a structure is actually missing the point, as being ‘open’ represents a movement where creators have the ability to create and share materials as they please.


My Credly account has been set up here: https://credly.com/u/2206819